Galveston Sea Turtle Saturday
& Galveston Sea Turtle Saturday for Kids Saturday, Feb. 8, 2014
8:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

NOAA Flower Garden Banks Sanctuary Ballroom, 4700 Ave. U, Bldg. 216, Galveston 77551

Sea Turtle Saturday $10 - must register in advance and be age 14 or older age

Sea Turtle Saturday for Kids $5 - must be age 8-13 and have an adult registered in the regular session

Kemp’s ridley sea turtle.
Photo used by permission from
Ben Higgins of NOAA

Get up close and personal with a sea turtle
on Sea Turtle Saturday.

Photo by Scott Buckel.

Turtles Take the Stage at Galveston Sea Turtle Saturday

As the Kemp's ridley sea turtle nesting season approaches, you'll want to make plans to attend this event presented by Galveston Island Nature Tourism Council (GINTC) to learn about and celebrate the sea turtle. You will also find out how you can become involved in helping preserve this extremely endangered species.

A continental breakfast begins at 8:30 a.m., followed by presentations at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary Ballroom, 4700 Ave. U, Building 216 in Galveston.

Sea Turtle Saturday for Kids was well received last year and will be back again for this year's event. After parents and kids enjoy breakfast together, kids age 8-13 can have fun learning about sea turtle anatomy, what they eat, where they live, how they lay their eggs, and the hazards of growing up in the ocean. Concepts will be taught through hands-on crafts and activities led by GINTC adult volunteers.

Ben Higgins, NOAA Fisheries Service biologist and program manager of the Galveston sea turtle laboratory, will begin the adult event explaining research efforts to develop turtle- friendly fishing gear, and the challenges of managing the nation’s commercial fisheries and sea turtle conservation needs.

Dr. Joseph Flanagan, Houston Zoo veterinary service director and pro-bono veterinarian for the NOAA Fisheries Service sea turtle facility since the mid-1980s, will talk about rehabilitating stranded turtles.

Lyndsey Howell, NOAA Research Fisheries biologist, will share insights of being a first responder to stranded sea turtles and explain the public’s vital role in helping with stranded and nesting turtles.

Ben Higgins, Research Fishery Biologist,
NOAA Galveston Laboratory speaks at Sea Turtle Saturday

Photo by Scott Buckel.

Joanie Steinhaus, Sea Turtle Restoration Project Associate Campaign Director, will provide an overview of the Project and an update on outreach efforts based out of their newly established office in Galveston.

Following the presentations, the kids will join the adults for a tour of the NOAA Fisheries Service sea turtle facility where more than 350 turtles are housed in saltwater tanks.

This Feb. 8 event is presented by the Galveston Island Nature Tourism Council in partnership with the Houston Zoo, NOAA Fisheries Service and Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary and sponsored by Samson Energy.

“Much can be learned about the condition of the planet’s environment by looking at sea turtles. They have existed for over 100 million years and they travel throughout the world’s oceans. Suddenly, they are struggling to survive – largely because of things people are doing to our oceans and beaches. The Kemps ridley is the official sea turtle of Texas. Help it and the other four species that frequent the Gulf have a better chance. Be informed, be proactive. You can truly make a difference. Learn how at Sea Turtle Saturday,” says Susan Lewis, GINTC member and long-time turtle barn volunteer with NOAA.

Event registration is $10 ages 14 and older; $5 for children ages 8 - 13. The event is not suitable for children younger than 8 years old. Participants must register in advance. In order to register a child for Sea Turtle Saturday, an adult must be registered for the regular session. Register online here.

At the turtle barn.
Photo by Scott Buckel.

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